It is our philosophy to bring our high level of experience and knowledge to provide our best service on each project we perform for our clients.

It is our goal to create quality wellpoints and its related services to our clients. Our clients find that our high level of experience and workmanship is paramount to insuring good value service.

We offer FREE QUOTATIONS and can meet you on site to discuss your ideas and expectations.

Wellpoints sunk, pump supplied and fitted.
  If water is found in one wellpoint hole and the flow is not sufficient a second or third hole will be drilled and joined together to obtain a better flow of water.
  Wellpoint and tank installation complete with necessary control switches can be installed. The tanks can be situated above or underground.Tanks can be supplied in various colours eg. green, beige,black,white etc.
  The tank installations can be used at school grounds or sport fields for irrigation.
  Arrie’s Wellpoints also provides for deep drilling (boreholes), rock or mud rotary drilling up to depths of ±80 meters
  We sell new wellpoint and borehole pumps(submersible)
  We do pump repairs, replace bearings, seals and rewind motors etc.
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